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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton


Zsuzsa Rossetter was born and raised in Hungary and moved to the United States in 1997. Art has accompanied her all her life and she started to draw at a very early age. Zsuzsa watched her father draw figures and carve wood sculptures, and was especially fascinated by the African face painted in black hanging on the wall of their home that he had made from a half-split log. She grew up in a house with a large garden where everything seemed magical to her: the ferns, fruit trees, and the Lily of the Valley flowers in springtime. Zsuzsa’s grandparents had a large farm where she would climb on the cherry trees with her cousins. All this created a deep affinity in her toward the natural world and the living things in it.

Art was always a refuge for Zsuzsa, although she put aside her artistic passion to some extent when she became deeply engaged in the practices of meditation and yoga. This eventually led her to the United States. Then in 2012, she spent eight months in the Amazon jungle – without electricity, often walking barefoot and listening to “frog conferences.” It was a rebirth for her creative passion.

Back in the United States, Zsuzsa began to study with Sandy Eastoak, a professional fine art painter, and eventually found that oil and watercolor were the right mediums for her. Zsuzsa has exhibited in a number of juried shows in New Mexico including the New Mexico Watercolor Society where she is an active member. She is also a member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists, and regularly participates in their juried open-air shows which have exhibited local fine art for the past 36 years.

In the jungle, I found again the magic I felt as a child when everything was pulsing with life. I rediscovered the amazing vibrancy of this planet. I paint because I am fascinated by the dignity and fragility of living beings, and in my work I try to express not only the beauty but also the spirit of each. I see art as medicine and a deeply needed nourishment for the soul.

Santa Fe, New Mexico


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