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Inspired by the beauty, dignity, and fragility of life, I paint. My oil paintings depict forest scenes, flowers, wildlife, and my own inner visions. When I paint I often remember that as a child I was constantly amazed by the magical aliveness of everything whether it was a leaf, a flower, or a frog. Life is a very potent force but it is also fragile.

The aspen oil paintings are inspired by the Rockies of New Mexico and Colorado. I find these trees quite special, not only at their peak of colors in October. There is something about aspens. To me they are a kind of fairy tree with their quaking leaves dancing in the light and with their slender almost white trunks reaching up high.

The quiet drama of flowers is another topic I enjoy exploring. It is sometimes hard to believe that nature has created such amazing forms and colors. To me flowers have their own personality. The Tulip is unpretentious and full of grace. The Bird of Paradise on the other hand is fiery and very dynamic. The orchid seems to be its own category – it is mysterious, enticing, and otherworldly.

The inner-vision paintings explore my own inner world as well as the mythology and symbology of cultural traditions like the Native American. The subjects often come to me in my dreams like the katchina of the oil painting called “Troubled Sun.”