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Wildlife in Watercolor

Zsuzsanna’s animal portraits illustrate her love for the wild and celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature. She explores a closer and more personal view of her subjects. Zsuzsanna’s work is detailed and elegant, representational but avoiding hyperrealism. The artist’s goal is to bring out the inner and outer beauty of her subjects as well as their personal presence.

I wish to capture the magical aliveness that weaves through everything. Nature is a powerful force, full of creative and expressions with meaning. For me the natural world is a teacher of many things. Primarily it teaches me to be aligned with the changes of seasons and cycles. This includes the innocence of childhood, youthful energies, maturity, and old age. In the midst of changes, and even in spite of it, I am always looking for inner stillness and presence.

Nature is also a complete system where everything is related to everything else. Animals are a dynamic expression of these forces. But animals also know how and when to stop, to be still. They know how to be themselves effortlessly. I often try to depict them in a moment of quiet to let them speak for themselves and show who they are as an individual as well as a species. I wish to discover and look deeply into their soul.

Native American Portraits

I choose my Native American subjects to depict their codes of spirituality and speak about their relationship to our planet, which is a strong element in Native American traditions and also in many indigenous cultures. Their stories, legends and tales often communicate about the interconnectedness between nature, the human and the spiritual world. We are all different yet an integral part of the larger whole. As they say, we are one family and everyone in it deserves respect.

In 2012 I had the chance to spend about eight months in the Amazon jungle and work closely with indigenous healers. That time of my life has deeply transformed how I see things today. Even though I had been involved with meditation and spiritual work previously, my experience and view of life still was narrowed to the physical world. Since then, I see much more clearly that there is so much more.

My inspiration for painting comes from seeing the nature as something primordial, and also wise and mysterious. It is not only a physical reality, and I believe that as children we often had a strong sense of this – and made us happy.

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” – John Muir

Zsuzsanna has exhibited her watercolors of wildlife and Native American portraits in a number of juried shows. She is an active member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society. She is also a  juried member of the Santa Fe Society of Artists.